The officers of the Inner London Area Council are elected annually at the Area AGM from members of all Ramblers Groups within the Area.

For a copy of the Inner London Area Annual Report for 2015-16 click here. (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format).

Area Council meetings are held roughly every two months.

If you would like to attend an Area Council meeting, or stand for a place on the Council or to please contact the Area Secretary, or your Group Secretary.

Additionally, each year the Inner London Area is entitled to send three delegates to represent its members at Ramblers General Council. Please read these notes if you would like to put yourself forward for this.

The current members of the Area Council are as follows.

Chair:   Clare Wadd
Vice-Chair:   Phil Marson
Treasurer:   Teri Moore
Secretary:   Helen Abbott
Membership Secretary:   Sarah Doherty
Digital Officer Phil Marson
Representative of Individual Members Des de Moor
Group Representatives
Each group may send up to two representatives.
Other Representatives
Representatives of Affiliated Groups:   Marion Watkinson, Anthony Atkins