The Ramblers helps everyone, everywhere, enjoy walking and protects the places we all love to walk. And that includes London, where we have more than 12,000 Ramblers members with a vote in the upcoming London elections.

In May, we’ll be voting in a new Mayor and London Assembly. The issues that will dominate the campaign election are clear: housing and development, pollution, congestion and transport.  As Ramblers, we know we can make a valuable contribution to all of these topics.  We know that the more London becomes a 'walking city' the more pleasant and enjoyable London will be for all of us.

Take two minutes to email your candidates and add your voice to our Love London, Walk London volunteer led campaign.

We're calling for the next Mayor to:

  1. Employ a walking ambassador to promote London as a world class walking city for all.
  2. Champion the Thames Path and other routes to ensure they remain safe and open for all Londoners to walk.
  3. Ensure equality of access to our amazing parks and green spaces, so that everyone has a green space close to their home.

Some people may think of the Ramblers as only being interested in the rural areas, and know us for our campaigns to defend and promote access to the countryside and the coast. As Ramblers, we already make a massive difference to thousands of people's lives in this city: we know that people in London like to walk and that they deserve a city that works for walkers.

Click here to sign the petition.