Things are moving at pace towards the next phase of the garden bridge campaign.

Mayoral Campaign

Only two of the Mayoral candidates are in favour of the Bridge.  Unfortunately, it's the two who are most likely to win and who cannot afford to upset the Evening Standard - the main media cheerleader for the bridge, which abandons any pretence at balance in support of its proprietor's whimsy. 

Zac Goldsmith is gung-ho for the bridge, and has been so for many months.  There must be something in the Eton education that he shares with the current Mayor that makes its alumni so keen on enclosing and restricting access to public land.

Sadiq Khan, the current favourite, was against the bridge when he sought the support of London's Constituency Labour Parties, although he changed his mind soon after becoming the candidate.  Since then, he (along with the Greater London Authority, the National Audit Office and the Royal Institute of British Architects) has expressed concern about the procurement processes for the bridge. 

It's worth keeping up the pressure on both candidates, but especially Sadiq Khan, to stop this folly.

Preparations to Build

Lambeth Council are so afraid of public scrutiny of the way that they have handled the process that they look like they are planning to put future decisions in the hands of a single (not South Bank) councillor to make away from public scrutiny (Lambeth could take Garden Bridge decision behind closed doors - London SE1).

The Garden Bridge Trust have signed the construction contract for the bridge, even though they are £30M pounds short of their target (even after taking £60M of tax payers money as gifts and soft loans) - Garden Bridge construction contract signed - London SE1

They haven't met all of the conditions that Lambeth Council has set for construction to start yet.  They haven't even got permission to sub-let the land from the Coin Street Community Builders.  More details from TCOS.

What can you do?

  1. Keep the pressure up on mayoral candidates, Lambeth councillors and Coin Street Community Builders - Write to the Decision Makers (TCOS)
  2. Contribute to the legal fighting fund to challenge the process by which this tourist attraction is being foisted on the Thames Path - Give to the legal fund (TCOS)