Each year the Inner London Area is entitled to send two delegates to represent its members at Ramblers General Council, held each April and hosted by a different Ramblers Area each year.

These delegates must be members of the Inner London Area, and have a good understanding of the Area's members and of the issues facing the Ramblers, both locally and nationally; they should also understand the Ramblers' Area and Group structure and its democracy.

Delegates will need to be comfortable with public speaking, as they will be required to move / second any motions the Area AGM votes to send to General Council, and they will also be expected to contribute to the debates on motions proposed by other Areas and on wider matters discussed at the meeting. The delegates will vote on behalf of the Area on the motions, guided by discussions at the previous Area meeting, and for members of the Board of Trustees and Agenda Committee.

Potential delegates to General Council are required to notify their intention to stand to the Area Secretary by 31st December for General Council the following April. They will be expected to attend the January Area Council meeting to make their case, the Area AGM, and the March Area Council meeting to hear and take part in the debate on motions, and the May Area Council meeting to feed back from General Council to the Area Council.