Questions and Answers

If you're going on a group walk for the first time you will no doubt have a number of questions about what to do and what the walk will be like. Here are the answers to a few of the more common questions we're asked.

If you have any questions not answered below, please contact the Area or your Group Secretary for further advice.

Going on Walks

Membership Queries

1. How do I know the walk will be going ahead?
It is very rare for a walk to be cancelled. The walks go ahead in all weathers. If a leader is unwell, they will make every attempt to find a replacement leader — and will invariably succeed! However, if you are unsure, you will find that leaders often supply their telephone numbers and are happy to be contacted.

2. What about train and tube engineering works?
Walks programmes are published three or four times a year and cannot always take account of engineering work on the train and tube. Whilst the walk will almost always still go ahead if there are such works, please make sure you check train and tube information before setting out, and if in doubt contact the walk leader.

National Rail Enquiries: 08457 48 49 50 or
Transport for London:

3. Do I need to let the leader know I am coming?
No, you are welcome to just turn up to any walk.

4. How will I recognise the group?
The groups invariably meet at train or tube stations and are usually quite obvious, with many people having hiking boots and carrying rucksacks.

5. Will I be the only new person?
Probably not. Many of the groups regularly attract new members and people trying them out for the first time. Some people in the group will be friends and know each other, all of the groups are friendly and will make you welcome.

6. I am running late – will the group wait for me?
It is difficult to delay the start time of walks as this means keeping the people who have arrived on time waiting. However, you may be able to telephone the leader to seek advice.

7. Can I bring my dog?
Please contact the leader in advance if you wish to bring a dog, as this is at their discretion. If you do bring a dog, you must ensure that it is kept under control and that it is on a lead at all times.

8. Are the walks suitable for children?
Unfortunately at present most of our walks aren't suitable for children.

9. What do I need to bring?
Please make sure you where suitable clothing and wear stout footwear. This is recommended on all walks, even those in the city. You don't need to have expensive or specialist clothing; just something waterproof, warm and comfortable. And don't forget, in Britain, the day can end in rain even if you set out in warm sunny weather.

Bring plenty of water, taking into account the temperature. And bring snacks and food for lunch if the walk is anything more than just a stroll. There will not always be a chance to stop and buy something on the way.

Finally, bring the details of the meeting place and the leader's phone number if given.

For more information on equipment, see the Ramblers' Equipment page.

10. How much does it cost?
Our walks are free, though there may occasionally be small charges for entrance fees to attractions. You're welcome to join the group walks put on by the Area for no charge, though we do ask that after you've come on a couple of walks with us and wish to continue, that you join as a member of the Ramblers.

Remember, the Ramblers is a charity which needs the support of its members to continue providing such a great service to its members and the UK at large.

There are many perks of becoming a member of the Ramblers, such as discounts at many gear shops. See Joining the Ramblers for more details.

11. How can I change my membership details?

Your membership details are held centrally at The Ramblers and we're not able to change them. If that's what your e-mail is about, please contact Membership Services at central office via //This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 020 7339 8595.