Ramblers members are normally allocated to their local group according to their postcode, but can request to join a different group if preferred.

Seven of the nine Inner London groups are based on where in London you live, whereas the Metropolitan Walkers, Capital Walkers and London Strollers are Area-wide and aimed at bringing together people who wish to walk with others of a similar age or walks of a similar type. Members who wish to be allocated to one of these three Area-wide groups must specifically request it.

Members can select the group of their choice at the Ramblers main website.

As well as extensive walks programmes, most of the groups also have social programmes, and some organise walking weekends away. See individual group sites for details.

Blackheath:   www.blackheathramblers.org.uk
Capital Walkers (aimed at people in late 30s to early 50s):   www.capitalwalkers.org.uk
Hammersmith, Fulham & Wandsworth:   www.hfwramblers.org.uk
Hampstead & District:   www.hampsteadramblers.org.uk
Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster:   www.kcwramblers.org.uk
London Strollers (specialising in short, leisurely walks):   www.londonstrollers.org.uk
Metropolitan Walkers (aimed at people in 20s to 30s):   www.metropolitan-walkers.org.uk
North East London:   www.nelr.co.uk
South Bank:   www.southbankramblers.org.uk
West London (from October 2018):   www.westlondonramblers.org.uk