The Ramblers organise group walks all around the country; to see a list go to the Ramblers' Group Walks Finder.

This page and the bar on the left of it summarise the walks arranged by the Inner London Area, its groups and volunteers. Anyone is welcome to attend these walks, whether a member of the Ramblers or not; though we of course hope that if you enjoy the walks and wish to continue walking with us then you will join as a member.

Alternatively, maybe you'd prefer to guide yourself rather than joining an organised walk, and are just looking for some recommended routes in the area; in which case take a look at our ideas for walks  page.

Please note that although walking is one of the safest of all sporting and leisure activities, accidents may still occasionally occur. So please take care whether walking by yourself or in a group. When walking in a group, take notice of any guidance by the walk leader, but realise that it is you yourself who has ultimate responsibility for your safety. In particular be careful when walking on or crossing roads and don't assume that just because the person in front of you crossed the road that it also safe for you to do so!

Walks organised by the Area

The Inner London Area organises the following series of walks. These walks are open to all members and also to the general public at no charge. No booking is required; just turn up to any walk that interests you.

  • Introductory Walks — An occasional series of walks to introduce prospective new members to the Ramblers.
  • Geoff's Jaunts — A series of mid-sized walks instigated by the late Geoff Stevenson, who sadly passed away, continuing the concept of the original Ramblers Railway Rambles and Coach Rambles.

Follow this link to the current Inner London Area walks programme.

Local Group Walks

If you would like to walk with one of the local groups of the Inner London Area, see the Ramblers' online Groups Walks Finder or go to the Group's website.

There's a wide variety of walks to choose from, from short leisurely walks provided by the London Strollers to longer fast-paced walks put on by the Metropolitan Walkers and Blackheath groups.


HF Holidays

If you would like to go further afield, or try something a little more exotic, then maybe HF Holidays would interest you. HF Holidays is committed to supporting the work of the Ramblers, including find raising, and offering benefits and exclusive holidays to Ramblers members. Click here for further information.